Creditplace allows small and large investors to invest in Factoring for the first time. In other words, buy the short-term debts of the leading companies and enjoy a guaranteed yield.


Creditplace’s advanced trading platform enables online investing in short-term debt of the most stable companies in Israel and at a much higher interest rate than other conservative sectors. Of course, all your investments in CreditPlus are 100% Insured.

Investors receive the principal and interest for their accounts as soon as the companies pay the invoice.

How to begin?

Fill out the forms and upload to the system the necessary approvals in a simple five-minute process. After uploading your ID / driver’s license and confirming your credit card details, you can transfer money to the system and start investing.

These are too small investments for me

Along with investors in tens of thousands of shekels, we have private investors in the hundreds of thousands of shekels and more, as well as institutions that invest much larger sums in order to achieve a guaranteed short-term return

What happens if my debt isn’t paid?

First of all, it is important to clarify: the chances of this happening to us are very low. We are doing a rigorous underwriting process that minimizes the risk. In addition, the debt itself is insured by a credit risk insurance company.

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