Creditplace allows businesses to get their money that’s due in a week, a month or three now.

After a one-time review, Creditplace pays approved invoices as soon as you need the money. Thus, businesses must not enter the difficult, tedious and expensive process with banks to obtain the working capital they need.

Creditplace knows how to handle debt at various levels and at various time ranges, and gives you the freedom to anticipate your cash flow with no strings attached.

Who does it fit?

Creditplace works with suppliers of leading organizations in the economy, who pay suppliers over the course of 60, 90 or more.

How does It Work?

We check the company and its relationship with the customer, and make sure that your invoices are paid.
After completing the one-time underwriting process, you can submit the invoices to us and receive their value immediately after deduction of the commission.
At the end of the current period, your customer completes the payment – to Creditplace.

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