Creditplace allows businesses to get their working capital within 48 hours instead of within several months.

After a one-time underwriting process, Creditplace will pay you any invoice you choose to process through us within 48 hours, so you won’t have to enter into a long, tedious and expensive process with your bank to get the working capital you need to develop and lead your business to success.

Creditplace knows how to purchase debts in various sizes and ranges, thus giving you the freedom to improve your cash flow, no strings attached.

Who does it fit?

Creditplace buys invoices (debt) of leading organizations, which are paid to Creditplace within 30-180 days (according to the payment policy).

How does It Work?

Creditplace carries out an underwriting process for your company and your client in order to make sure that your invoices are paid.

After completing the one-time underwriting process, you can choose and submit invoices of your choice and receive payment (less commission) within 48 hours.

 Once your customer completes their payment to Creditplace, we will transfer the remaining balance owed to you.

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